Our Mission


At Quantiful, we want to do our part to make better use of the world's precious resources – for now and for future generations. 

We believe that with the data, tools and talent now available this is more achievable than ever, but we don’t think it is happening fast enough.

There is too much waste of our diminishing natural resources due to over or misplaced supply; too much waste of financial resources due to lack of insight into better options for the future; and too much waste of people’s time working on the wrong things. 

We're a proudly New Zealand based company. Our first people, Māori, have a word for our mission – Kaitiakitanga or guardianship.  We want to play our small part in the guardianship of the world's precious resources. We sum this up in four words:


Waste not want not.


Our Purpose


At Quantiful we believe in our customers success on their terms. If it's sales, market share or another hard metric thats drives your organisation, then that’s what we will be accountable for, too.

Our purpose is to provide the worlds business leaders with the tools and expertise to create more predictable outcomes from the investments they make be it in people, time, brands and products.

We believe this can be our contribution to helping leaders build the organisations they dream of with more confidence and certainty.

Our promise is to deliver superior business planning results for our clients by accessing and deploying the world's best predictive customer information to maximise growth and minimise waste. 


Our Culture


At Quantiful we work to create a company culture that sustains workforce wellbeing and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our team have opportunities to attend events, share their work, learn new skills and even participate in weekly office yoga.


Our Values


Future focussed

Our job is to show you the future.



Simple to use = simplified decision 



We bring our expertise to amplify yours and are accountable for your results. Our platform is tailored to your success. 


Performance driven 

We believe future business success means harnessing data and technology to drive faster more profitable decision making. 



For continual improvements and accuracy. A restlessness attitude to always give better results to our clients. 



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